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JetBrains Omea Pro 2.2

JetBrains Omea Pro will let you control all the important data on your computer
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JetBrains Omea Pro is a program that will let you control all your important data on your computer.
This program will assume the work of managing your email messages, searches, RSS, PIM functions, Newsgroups, Tasks, Contacts, Bookmarks and Instant Message History. It will even read Word and Excel files, PDF files, or pictures. To do this, it will install plug-ins for Outlook, NNTP, RSS, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Notes, ICQ, Miranda, Word, Excel and PDF creators. The plug-in does not work in Firefox 10.1.

The first time you run the program, it will index all your email messages and import the existing bookmarks. It will also let you import and modify your Outlook settings. After that, it will check if Omea Pro is the default program to manage your emails, read your RSS feeds and receive your Newsgroups messages.

This program will show them a tabbed interface that will let you find most of the information you use everyday, just in one program. You will be able to receive emails, read the news from the feeds that you are subscribed to, read the newsgroups that you receive. You will start receiving the Jetbrain´s feed after installing the program.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It offers to control a lot of important information just using a single program


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